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Slide Digital workflow
in dentistry

Digital workflow in dentistry

The digital and personal smile design process can be performed in an entire digital flow and will help in the beauty and rehabilitative dental procedures. Using video documentation facilitates and simplifies the smile design process, improves smile design, treatment planning, team communication and patient satisfaction.

Smile Scanning

It all starts with a digital 3D intraoral scan.

Engage with visuals

The digital scan is a perfect starting point for visualization. Our engagement and excitement apps make it easier than ever to communicate with our patients and increase acceptance of our treatment proposals.

Monitor over time

Scanning your smile every time you come to our office, allows us to better monitor the development of your dental status and your treatment progress.

Sent to Lab

Digital solutions 3Shape software, allows us, when restorative treatment is needed, to send the information to the lab with just a click. This software allows us to send directly to the laboratory the selected treatment and the design of the client’s “Personalised” smile. The main benefit of this is the accuracy of the process, reduced human error, better response times and a perfect result.

Perfect and Natural Smile

Imagine the digitally designed and dreamed smile with your trusted dentist made real

First class dental treatment in Spain

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